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It's about capturing the small details that make up your greater adventure with your family, friends, and your almost spouse.

That ring tied around your bouquet? It's more than just a ring... it's the one your grandmother wore down the aisle on her big day.

That first dance with your grandfather? It tells the story of an unbreakable bond formed over pancakes and fishing poles.

That watch on your wrist? You can't find it just anywhere. It's the same one your mother gave your late father on their wedding day and the tangible piece of him you carry with you as you become a husband.

These details, much like my farm house, make up your story and your legacy... and it is my joy and my honor to photograph it. 

Maybe it's photographing almost 100 weddings or just treasuring my own wedding photos, but I know it's about so much more than the photographs you walk away with...

If you found our story in your Kindle library, it would be listed under Adventures. My husband and I have hiked 40 miles through the Andes to eat cheese sandwiches at 15,000 feet. We've explored a crashed World War II plane 100 feet under the ocean. And still, our biggest adventure story is unfolding right at home with our two boys in our 150-year-old farm house.

The pages from this chapter of life are filled with playtime in rooms that have housed generations before them, gardening on land that once belonged to goats and chickens, and drizzling sticky maple syrup from our trees all over their pancakes.

And on the weekends, my story gets a little sweeter when I get the opportunity to help you document yours.

If you're a sucker for science, swapping stories, and sentimental details... you're in the right place! 

Kollette & Cody

Sylvia got to know us as a couple. It wasn’t just about the day of, it was about learning what was important to us an incorporating it into our photos. She has a real passion for this and I would recommend her 100 times over.

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My favorite places are hiking in the mountains and SCUBA diving under the sea. We love to plan insane adventures to places like Peru and Indonesia. We haven't made all of our dreams a reality, but you will certainly hear about it when we do!


Things that make my heart sing

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Those little details that could only be yours... the letters to your parents, the heirloom ring, the cufflinks engraved with that thing your dad always says, the cocktails inspired by your pet guinea pigs... I go crazy for that stuff!

sentimental details


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I grew up on shows like Star Trek, Firefly, Stargate, Doctor Who and, of course, Star Wars. While I'm all about new sci-fi movies that come out, one of my favorite ways to enjoy science fiction these days is a good audio book. I'm so glad Andy Weir didn't stop at The Martian!

science fiction


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Okay, so I'm not a whiskey connoisseur by any means, but I am a HUGE fan (neat or on the rocks, depending on what the internet recommends). One of the best decisions Javan and I have ever made is when we decided that very special occasions called for a nice bottle of whiskey or scotch rather than champagne.


Things that make my heart sing

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Don't get me wrong, I love pizza as much as the next guy, but my absolute favorite thing to eat is sushi. We are always up for trying a new sushi place. Bring on the spicy salmon rolls with extra wasabi!


Things that make my heart sing


If you're looking for someone who feels like a natural part of your day - like a friend with a camera - but who knows when to step back and let you have you moment... If you're looking for images that are beautiful and emotive reminders of your wedding day, your relationships, and your legacy... You've come to the right place.

More than just getting to know each couple and family that I work with, I provide an effortless and fun experience that's catered to you, your story, and your personality. Imagine the photographic equivalent of dining at a five star restaurant - but the outfits are way better!

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