Andi & Quinton || Baby Girl Paisley || Kohler Andrae State Park Maternity Session || Sheboygan, WI

July 26, 2021

There’s always a moment when you fall in love with you baby. For some people, it happens the day that stick says pregnant. For some, it happens the day your baby is born. For others, it happens well into the newborn days. I don’t know when Andi and Quinton fell in love with their baby girl, but these two are head over heels! Baby girl Paisley is already bringing so much joy into their lives, and it’s all over their faces!

Andi and Quinton, you two have already seen a lot of adventure together, from moving across the Midwest to surviving Quinton’s residency (almost done!). Still, this may be your most exciting adventure yet! It has been an honor and a joy to get to peek into your lives and be part of this gigantic moment. I’m wishing the three of you a SUPER healthy rest of your pregnancy and delivery, and tons of joy in your newborn days. <3<3<3

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