You know those times when you just need to call your big sister? Or your mom? Or your Aunt Lisa? Whoever that person is in your real life, you need someone like that in business, too. All I've gotta say is...
I've got you, fam. xoxo

Business coach, scuba diver, nerd, momma, and your big sis in business

I may have had a few different paths, but my convoluted journey has resulted in a fierce understanding of what it takes to run a business that serves your lifestyle. From a no-life engineer managing big egos and tribal knowledge to a stay-at-home mom managing snacks and snot, I've run the gamut of career options. Your business came to life because you imagined the life it would give you. Let's get back to that! 

But my one of my favorite things to be is your business bestie. I love helping small businesses come into their own and nail their online presence.

I've been an engineer, a brand & marketing  manager, a photographer, a stay-at-home mom

my little story

Get to Know A Little About Sylvia

5 quick things

If you know anything about the Enneagram, you already know I'm obsessed with what makes us unique - it's part of why I love helping businesses share exactly that!

Enneagram 4

One of the best decisions my hubs and I have ever made is when we decided that very special occasions called for a nice bottle of whiskey or scotch rather than champagne.

Whiskey Lover

Don't let my un-enthused face confuse you - it's really hard to smile with a regulator in your mouth! Hubs and I got our open water SCUBA certifications on our honeymoon - and we LOVE it.


I grew up on Captain Picard and Luke Skywalker. As a result, I'm more than a little nerdy about everything from space to robots and beyond. And I love to revisit the classics.

Massive Nerd

Even before my older sibling came out to the fam as genderqueer, I had all the makings of an eldest daughter, with all the stereotypes on TikTok. Yes, I am in charge of Secret Santa for my 4 siblings, and regularly plan imaginary sibling vacations.

Eldest Daughter
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