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March 30, 2021

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Who doesn’t love pictures of the bride getting ready on her wedding day? Photos of getting in the wedding dress, of putting on jewelry and shoes, of mom’s tears when she sees you all dressed up… Those moments at the beginning of your wedding day are incredibly special!

As a Wisconsin wedding photographer, it’s my job to walk into any space and make you look great, but there are a few elements I love seeing in getting ready spaces that make my job a whole lot easier!

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1 Windows!

The #1 thing I love seeing in getting ready spaces is WINDOWS! The bigger the better! Even having just one nice window in your getting ready space makes it easy to create beautiful portraits and getting ready photos without ever having to leave the room.


2 Room for Your Wedding Party

Maybe the most obvious one is that you want enough room for your wedding party to get ready! We can make smaller spaces work, but it gets difficult to grab those epic getting ready shots when working around packed-in makeup artists and bridesmaids.


3 Light Colors

Dark paint and even dark floors can bring down the overall look of your getting ready photos. If you love those light and airy bridal portraits, the most important thing to look for after windows is white or light walls!


4 A Pretty Piece of Furniture

It absolutely makes my day when we find a pretty furniture piece to take some portraits on. Bonus points if it matches your wedding colors! A ton of modern venues have lots of beautiful chairs and couches scattered throughout the venue. If your doesn’t and the budget allows, you can look into RENTING a piece (or a whole lounge area) for getting ready and the reception!


5 Hanging Space

Here’s the thing: I have no problem moving things — bags, clothes, furniture — with permission from whoever owns it. BUT if your getting ready room has dedicated hanging space, you won’t have to drape bridesmaid dresses over chairs. You won’t have to hang the dress from ceiling tiles, doors, or window sills. Coats and bags can be put out of the way. It makes everything look a whole lot cleaning, you’re way less likely to lose things, and of course, your getting ready pictures will look better!

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