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December 27, 2023

I had the pleasure of capturing the vibrant essence of Chelle the Painter through a branding photography session! She is an exceptional abstract artist, creative powerhouse, and my long-time friend. Chelle’s artwork is a kaleidoscope of color, texture, and unbridled joy, making the task at hand not just a photoshoot, but a celebration of her creative spirit.

With Chelle’s calendar brimming with significant promotions, releases, and an array of projects, the chosen setting for the branding photography session was a no-brainer. It was the heart of her creativity—her studio, and home. This allowed us to encapsulate not just the aesthetics of her work, but the environment where her artistic magic unfolded.

Thus, our creative journey began with the exciting task of daydreaming about the content that would shape Chelle’s narrative for the next year. We aimed to amplify her presence across various platforms, including her website, Instagram, and weekly email newsletter. Armed with this roadmap, I eagerly stepped into her studio, fully prepared for the immersive experience that awaited.

The Session

One of the standout elements of her branding photography session: “studoir.” It’s a playful (and tasteful) take on the traditional boudoir, set within the confines of her studio, which added a unique and fabulous dimension to the entire experience.

While navigating the session, Chelle’s vibrant personality and the rich tapestry of her artistic expression unfolded seamlessly. While documenting her journey, I couldn’t help but marvel at the authenticity and joy that permeated every frame.

One must be prepared for the unexpected in an artist’s studio, and true to Chelle’s warning, I left with a few unexpected souvenirs—oil paint on my clothes and equipment. Yet, these small mishaps became cherished tokens of the immersive and hands-on nature of the branding photography session.

Finally, I’m genuinely thrilled to share the incredible results of Chelle’s branding photography session. As you scroll through, I hope you enjoy these branding photos!

Branding Photography – Chelle the Painter

Company: Chelle the Painter

Style: Joyful, Playful, Creative

Colors: bright colors, especially pinks and greens

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