Monona Terrace Engagement Session || Jordan & James || Madison Engagement Session

February 20, 2024

Jordan and James’s Monona Terrace engagement session was truly a delightful experience, offering a breath of fresh air and a touch of adventure. And not just because navigating our way from the parking lot to the designated spot added an element of confusion and excitement to the day—a reminder that arriving early is key to a smooth session when you’re in the city!

The stunning Wisconsin capitol building was a grand and picturesque backdrop. However Jordan and James also didn’t want their whole session to feel too “Wisconsin,” so we were grateful for the variety offered by Monona Terrace!

To say it was an absolute blast doesn’t even begin to describe the fun we had during this session. Jordan and James are always laughing together and encouraging each other – they’re one of those couples who are just contagiously happy. And even though James was a little wary going into their session at Monona Terrace, he left with tons of confidence that he’d bring into the wedding day a few months later!

Every moment captured during this session reflects the genuine connection and love between Jordan and James. The images tell a story of a couple embracing not only the picturesque surroundings but also the joyous journey they are embarking on together.

As we unveil this Monona Terrace engagement session, it’s evident that the combination of a unique location, genuine moments, and a couple deeply in love has resulted in a collection of photographs that not only capture the essence of the couple but also serve as a prelude to the beautiful chapters yet to unfold. Get ready to immerse yourself in the love and laughter of Jordan and James’s enchanting Monona Terrace engagement session!

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