Wisconsin Proposal || Alex & Claudia || Lake Michigan Proposal

April 23, 2024

“I’d rather you miss the shot than she see you,” Alex told me over the phone as we planned the details of his Wisconsin proposal to the woman of his dreams. See, Alex knew Claudia would love to have photos of the moment he asked her to marry him, but he also knew that she wanted to be fully in the moment. No distractions. No people. Just the two of them.

As we placed all the puzzle pieces of how I would get to my spot in the bushes next to a private beach on Lake Michigan, we knew there was every possibility that I wouldn’t capture the moment. To add complication to the entire plan, the location was an Airbnb, so neither of us had been there before! On arrival, I pulled up to the neighbor’s house, knocked on the door, and asked if I could leave my car there while I photographed a proposal. He was THRILLED to be part of such a special moment!

The Wisconsin Proposal

After hiking through thick trees and brambles to get to a hidden spot, I almost had a heart attack. I’ve never hit the deck so quickly in my life as when Alex and Claudia came walking onto the beach from the opposite side I was expecting! Thankfully, neither of them spotted me as Alex led his almost-fiancee into the water.

Alex and Claudia adore the lake. So much so that Claudia’s engagement ring was a blue sapphire with a touch of yellow to match the water. Just as Alex was about to pop the question, a gentle rain started falling. Honestly it was the most romantic moment ever! Just wait until you see her face when he got down on one knee in the waves!

After he proposed, they took a few more private moments to celebrate. I found a way to exit my hiding place with out scaring the pants off of either of them. Alex took Claudia to the house, where he had several brand new outfits for her to choose from for their engagement session. Claudia loved every one!

This session and these humans are so in love, I can’t even express how inspirational it is. I am thrilled to share this Wisconsin proposal turned engagement session with you!

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