Wedding at The Eloise || Alysha & Nick || Madison Wedding

May 28, 2024

Alysha and Nick’s wedding at The Eloise near Madison, WI took place on a sunny day, where love, laughter, and a touch of boho charm filled the air. Of course, their wedding was nothing short of magical, surrounded by their favorite people and moments that will be cherished forever.

Alysha, looking like a fairytale princess, wore a stunning embellished ballgown that seemed to float with every step. Further, her bouquet was a boho dream, filled with pampas grass and dried flowers, adding a unique, earthy touch. Nick opted for a tan suit that perfectly complemented his radiant bride. And let’s talk about those adorable floral ties Alysha’s bridesmen wore—they added a fun, cohesive vibe to her side of the wedding party. In contrast, Nick’s groomsmen rocked solid burnt orange ties, creating visual harmony.

Breaking tradition, Nick had his dad as his best man, a touching and heartfelt choice that added an extra layer of sentiment to the day. Alysha also mixed things up by having her brothers stand up with her. Significantly, the one bridesmaid wore a beautiful burnt orange dress, tying together the vibrant and earthy color palette.

One of the sweetest moments was when their two shepherd dogs, proudly bolted down the aisle as flower-dogs.

The Couple

Nick, with his loud, expressive, and hilarious personality, kept everyone entertained throughout the celebration. Alysha, always a touch refined but still a blast, looked on with joy and amusement. Obviously to anyone around them, their dynamic is truly one for the books—Nick bringing the energy, and Alysha balancing it with her graceful presence.

From the heartfelt vows to the joyous reception, Alysha and Nick’s wedding was a beautiful reflection of their love story. It was an event where tradition met personal flair, and every detail was a testament to their unique bond. I am thrilled to share some favorites from this personality-packed gallery with you!

Vendors for the Wedding at The Eloise

Venue: The Eloise
Bridal Attire: Weddings with Joy
Groom Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
DJ: High Street Sound
Caterer: Ian’s Pizza
Cake Artist: Miggy’s Bakes
Videographer: Ward 3 Media

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