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When deciding how to brand your business, there are 10 elements of branding design you absolutely MUST have for a consistent brand. Your brand is more than just a logo or a color scheme; it’s the embodiment of your values, personality, and the promise you make to your customers. In this guide, we’re diving into […]

Branding Design for Photographers & Wedding Professionals || How to Brand Your Business

I had the pleasure of capturing the vibrant essence of Chelle the Painter through a branding photography session! She is an exceptional abstract artist, creative powerhouse, and my long-time friend. Chelle’s artwork is a kaleidoscope of color, texture, and unbridled joy, making the task at hand not just a photoshoot, but a celebration of her […]

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Chelle the Painter || Wisconsin Branding Photography

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When Amanda approached me for her personal branding session, she quickly learned that this was more than just a photoshoot. It was an immersive experience, a visual storytelling journey that began long before the click of the camera. This session was not just about capturing her professional identity. It was about weaving a narrative that […]

Amanda Steinhauer Photography || Wisconsin Personal Branding Session

When Bethany and I joined forces for her personal branding photoshoot, the energy was palpable from the start. As a consultant for non-profits and small businesses, Bethany drives her successful networking with a vibrant personality. Knowing that she primarily connects with clients through these interactions, we decided to focus our efforts on creating a captivating […]

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Bethany Collins Consulting || Bright & Joyful Branding Photoshoot

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