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April 13, 2021

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If you’re just shopping and want to know more about what to expect from me — welcome! I hope this post is helpful to you no matter who you choose for your senior photos.

I’m SO excited that you’ve made it here!! Below is lots of information regarding hair and makeup, outfit selection, and more.

For more information on the Damaris Senior Experience, you can click here.


Outfit Tips

Stuck on what to wear? I’m here to help! Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to help you guide your outfit choices! Choosing what you will wear for your photo shoot is a huge decision that can make or break your senior portrait session! I know that sounds dramatic, but if you accidentally wear something that isn’t flattering on camera or something that you don’t feel confident in, it can ruin the experience for you! That is the LAST thing either of us wants, so here are a few tips!

1 Be Comfortable

If you do not like fitted clothing (super tight dresses or pieces that fit awkwardly) then leave them at home! If there are pieces in your closet that make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, don’t include them in your senior portrait wardrobe! Additionally, we will most likely be sitting on the ground, laying down, walking and doing other things that could be difficult if your clothing is uncomfortable.

2 Black Is Not the Answer

On camera, solid black can make skin tones look very washed out and unflattering. So, when choosing outfits for your senior session, try to choose light or neutral colors that compliment your hair and skin colors! Pastel colors like blush, rose, dusty blue, sage, and soft yellows, mauve, and seafoam photograph amazingly well!

3 Accessorize

During a senior session, or any photo shoot, the more the merrier!! When planning your outfits, don’t forget to plan accessories!! Stacks of bangles, long necklaces, statement pieces, scarves, hats, bright shoes and other add-ons can make or break an outfit!

4 Add Layers

In the colder months, adding layers to your outfits always looks STUNNING in portraits! A sweater with a flannel underneath paired with a vest and statement necklace or scarf adds so much dimension to your images and makes for super fun posing options! Even in the warmer months you can add these layers and dimension by wearing a tank top with a cute sheer cardigan or by throwing a denim vest over a dress!

5 Play with Textures

Sometimes textures like sequins, furs, and sparkles can be considered “daring” or “over the top,” but they are the BEST for portraits! Adding texture to your outfit makes the biggest difference, and it prevents the images from looking dull!

6 Mix It Up

When planning your outfits, make sure that you have a VARIETY of looks! I tell all of my seniors to choose from these categories: casual, cozy, dressy, school-related, sports-related, preppy or edgy. This provides a beautiful array of looks during your senior portrait session, so each outfit looks dramatically different!

For more outfit ideas and inspiration, check out my Pinterest board here!


Hair & Makeup

I HIGHLY recommend all of my senior clients invest professional hair and makeup. If it is in your budget, hiring a professional for your hair and makeup will make a drastic difference in the quality of your photos and senior portrait experience. You are already making a large investment in your senior portrait experience, so why not make it the best it can be?!

So why, exactly, is it so important?

1 They Are Trained Professionals

While your makeup may look AMAZING in person, it will look completely different on-camera, and these professionals are trained to know the difference! They will conceal spots you don’t like, contour your face so it looks the best in every light, use colors that compliment your skin to make it look flawless, make your eyes POP with false lashes and shadows, manicure your eyebrows to perfection and more!

2 Less Stress

Preparing for a senior portrait session is stressful in and of itself. Trying to do your hair & makeup by yourself can make things ever harder. Professional camera equipment is designed to pick up every little detail in an image (even details that the eye can’t see) so hiring a professional makeup artist is the best way to go.

3 Who Doesn’t Love Getting Pampered?!

I don’t ever want my seniors to feel like their portrait session is just simply “taking pictures.” I want it to be an EXPERIENCE. If my seniors arrive after an hour of being pampered and beautified, the entire experience has already started on a good note! If a senior arrives frustrated or stressed, it can affect the entire experience, including the way you look in photographs!

If it’s not in your budget…

…plan to wear slightly heavier make up than normal, including blush and lipstick/gloss that are at least slightly darker than your lip color. I also highly recommend false eyelashes. These can be purchased for very affordable prices at CVS or any pharmacy in the area.


Don’t Neglect the Nails!

And, one last tip!!

In all of the chaos of senior session prep…don’t forget to pamper your nails! During your shoot, a lot of the poses we do will have your hands close to your face and in the frame, so make sure that your nails look just how you want!

Try to avoid any chipped polish or crazy patterns.

French manicures, light/natural colors, and even healthy nails with no color at all photograph best!!

Want to hear more about the Damaris Senior Experience? Click here for details!

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