Beach Engagement Photos || Kohler Andrae State Park Engagement Session || Amanda & Carlos

May 21, 2024

We could not have had more fun taking Amanda and Carlos’s beach engagement photos at Kohler Andrae State Park in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. These two are an absolute joy to be around, and their engagement session was no exception! From the romantic snuggles in the sand to playful splashing in Lake Michigan, every part of this photo session showed a special element of their connection.

Amanda and Carlos love all things classy and elegant, but they are FAR from high maintenance. Instead, they’re two of the most chill, down-to-earth humans you’ll ever meet. They’re kind, calm, and totally in love with each other. Their relaxed and genuine nature made the entire photo session feel like a delightful day at the beach with friends. Amanda’s radiant smile and Carlos’s affectionate glances were a testament to their deep bond and shared joy.

During the shoot, their personalities truly shined. Amanda, with her effortless grace, looked stunning in a flouncy summer dress that complemented the beach’s natural beauty. Carlos, equally stylish and relaxed, matched her vibe perfectly in his casual, yet sophisticated attire. The backdrop of Kohler Andrae State Park, with its pristine sandy shores and the gentle waves of Lake Michigan, added a magical touch to their photos, enhancing the serene and loving atmosphere they naturally create together.

By the time we got to their wedding day just a few weeks ago, they knew exactly what to do. Their beach engagement photos prepared them for elegant and effortless wedding photos that belong in a bridal magazine. Their comfort in front of the camera, combined with their palpable love and affection, resulted in stunning wedding photos that capture the essence of who they are as a couple.

I can’t wait for you to scroll through these joyful, romantic shots!

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