These two are so in love with each other, every second of their session was filled with laughter, cozy cuddles, and sweet moments... even when the camera wasn't rolling!

Jillian & Markus
Engagement Session


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Calling all awesome wedding professionals and small businesses – I have to share the blog post SEO checklist that is going to transform the way you blog! Ready to elevate your online game with a touch of digital magic? Well, hold onto your hats because this checklist is the massive step to ranking #1 on […]

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Katie and Tim’s Sepia Chapel wedding defied the freezing temperatures, creating a warm and magical celebration filled with love. Despite the cold, their union was a testament to the warmth shared between two souls destined to be together. Preparing in separate spaces, Katie and Tim opted for a heartwarming first touch, exchanging heartfelt letters. Even […]

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Hannah and Tyler’s colorful summer wedding was on point with the pops of pink and seafoam! Add in some gorgeous sunshine, a vintage car, and a beautiful outdoor ceremony space, you have the makings for a very special day.

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Aaron doesn’t hide how he feels. Not about his excitement on the wedding day. Not about his adorable, shy nephew/ring bearer who was too scared to come down the aisle until Aaron held out his arms. And certainly not about Katie. When Katie made her appearance at the top of the stairs of the beautiful Barn at the Bog, Aaron’s love for her was all over his face.

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I’m not sure Tianna and Andrew even noticed the rain. The only thing these two absolutely needed in order to be happy on their wedding day was to get married! Surrounded by their absolute closest family and friends, and officiated by Andrew’s sister, these two said “I do” right next to a beautiful and stormy Lake Michigan.

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What’s better when it’s big, bright, and built for photos? Probably everything, but in this blog post, we’re talking about GETTING READY spaces for your wedding! Who doesn’t love pictures of the bride getting ready on her wedding day? Photos of getting in the wedding dress, of putting on jewelry and shoes, of mom’s tears when she sees you all dressed up… Those moments at the beginning of your wedding day are incredibly special!

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Depending on the day, you might find me on a mountain top, geeking out about the latest science news, 100 feet deep in the ocean, or rocking out to show tunes with my kiddos. But some of my favorite days are spent living it up as a wedding photographer in Wisconsin - and beyond - and keep you feeling all the feels every time you see your photos hanging on the wall.


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