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Table of Contents Backing up your wedding photos is a must. Your wedding day is an unforgettable milestone filled with cherished moments and emotions. Capturing those precious memories through photography is an investment that deserves the utmost care and protection. In my third year as a wedding photographer, something happened that would drive this point […]

Safeguarding Your Precious Memories: The Ultimate Guide to Backing Up Your Wedding Photos

Why are weddings so expensive? According to The Wedding Report, the average Wisconsin wedding cost $22,869 in 2019, and Wisconsin is one of LESS expensive states to get married in. It’s almost impossible to throw a wedding with any more than 10 guests and keep it under $10k. But WHY?

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8 Reasons Wedding Vendors Charge What They Do

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What’s better when it’s big, bright, and built for photos? Probably everything, but in this blog post, we’re talking about GETTING READY spaces for your wedding! Who doesn’t love pictures of the bride getting ready on her wedding day? Photos of getting in the wedding dress, of putting on jewelry and shoes, of mom’s tears when she sees you all dressed up… Those moments at the beginning of your wedding day are incredibly special!

5 Crucial Things to Look for in a Getting Ready Space || Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

The Complete Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Colors for 2021 and 2022. In this blog post, you will learn: Understanding Color & Style, How Seasons Affect Wedding Colors, How Color Choices Look in Photos, The Importance of Your Unique Aesthetic, The 5 Steps to Picking Your Wedding Colors, Where to Put Your Colors, and THE MOST IMPORTANT Tip for Implementing Your Palette.

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The Complete Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Colors for 2024

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If you've found the Han to your Leia, the chips to your guac, the princess to your toad, you need a photographer who will feel like a natural part of your wedding day but know when to hang back and let you have your moment. If you're loving what you see on this page, let's get you scheduled for your free consultation to find out if we're as great of a fit as I think we might be!

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